Professional service

Our consultants, experienced and qualified, listen to the customer and analyze their needs to identify the most cost-effective solutions and assure complete satisfaction and peace of mind.


Bullion certified by Swiss foundries. 
Budgets and certified procedures by external audit companies and the Swiss Supervisory Authority.

Reliability and Warranty

All bullion, stored in our Caveau, are insured with a leading Swiss insurance company, with the sale of compensatory rights in favor of the Customer.The ownership of the deposit shall be attested by the name custody certificate.

Services for Asset Managers

Asset managers and family offices offer dedicated services for the purchase of bullion and custody.

Maximum Security and Privacy

custodial arrangement in safes inside the vault at the time. Access to customers is allowed by appointment in privacy and in full safety.

Maintenance of capital

Repurchase at the price agreed with the customer.

GPA Corparatio has designed an innovative and attractive formula that allows you to buy gold safely and ensure a safe and peaceful future to the client and his family. E-mail: for more information or to schedule an appointment at our offices in Svizzera.