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Find out how to start installing in the miraculous part of your mind the "super powers" of geniuses, performers and great psychics of history (like Steve Jobs, Einstein, Buddha, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tesla, Gustavo Rol and many others) in just over 5 minutes a day and thanks to 33 hypnotic inductions that rely on over 40 years of research in the field of neuroscience.

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What you'll get:

33 inductions of self hypnosis (In mp3) 33 inductions of self hypnosis of about 5 minutes each that continue to work in the background in the brain for 24 hours a day, thanks to the techniques of "post-hypnotic induction".

33 video lessons (Online) 33 video lessons, together with inductions, for the special “put on headphones and forget it” mode: you won't have to remember anything, just follow the instructions. It also includes the "behind the scenes" of the product and the explanations of why inductions are so powerful (duration: about 20 minutes each).

Video with instructions 1 Video by J.L. Marshall: to get the most out of your investment, explained step by step.

1 Miracle Book (in PDF) 1 Miracle Book with the schematic summary of the daily post induction exercises (in case you want to follow the premium path, up to 10 times more powerful) and the track to measure progress day by day.

30-day unconditional guarantee So you can try the product and decide calmly if it's right for you, without any risk on your part.

Customer support from champions With answers within 2 working days to any question regarding the order and the product.

Frequent questions

 What is Miracle Mind 5 ®? What does it allow me to get?
Miracle Mind 5 ® is a proprietary technology developed by Dott. Fantechi (psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in Hypnosis) under indications of

This technology, through the continuous fractionation of short states of self-hypnosis and making use of different cognitive behavioral technologies such as the DTI, the man of February, the gamma waves, the placebo effect and many others, induces the user in the arc of 33 days to stimulate normally underused parts of the brain, producing tangible effects in everyday life that can be detected in:

- greater mental clarity
- more self-esteem
- more brilliance
- more charisma
- more memory
- easier learning
- greater sense of self
- connection with the "divine"

and many many more: as well as allowing the user to "emulate" the mindset of geniuses and performers of history to acquire faster and in a "natural and intuitive" way even complex skills such as drawing, selling, intuition in business , music, foreign languages, and many others (see "Savant syndrome").

In addition it is good to know that the inductions are 100% safe and not against indications.

These inductions are used through:
- some preparatory videos explaining the exercises;
- daily hypnotic inductions, in video and audio format;
- the operating manual to track progress and stimulate some brain effects.

Everything is accessible through the reserved area of ​​

 What effort is required to get the most out of Miracle Mind 5 ®?
Miracle Mind 5 ® is designed for busy people: and requires an average commitment of about 20 minutes a day for 33 days.

The inductions last about 5 minutes, the audio instead a little more as they include the time necessary for the explanation of the induction and the exercise of the day.

It should be noted that the effects found in the use of Miracle Mind 5 ® persist even after the 33 cycle, since once the parts of the brain are stimulated they remain "on" (provided that they continue to be used).

 Thanks to Miracle Mind 5 ® is it really possible to acquire skills (even sports and behavioral) from geniuses or performers faster?
One of the techniques from which dr. Fantechi set out to develop Miracle Mind 5 ® is a technique called "Deep Trance Identification", which consists of identifying with known characters and "modeling" their abilities to acquire special abilities faster.

The Miracle Mind 5 ® process, however, does not only use NLP techniques, but introduces elements such as "the man of February", "post hypnotic amnesia" and many others to "write" special memories in the brain useful for stimulate normally underused areas of the mind.

Through specific exercises and using the "post hypnotic suggestions" the mind, only with the full consent of the user, "convinces" itself of being able to replicate the abilities of the subjects, and becomes much more receptive to learn even complex techniques in short time.

The effect is a light version of the so-called "Savant Syndrome", widely documented in literature, according to which some subjects suddenly became instinctively skilled in the most disparate abilities, simply by deeply understanding "the profound essence".

 I have read that Miracle Mind 5 ® uses hypnosis: is it a safe process? Are there counter-indications?
Since the dr. Fantechi is a psychologist and psychotherapist, it is his precise deontological duty to work only in the direction of the person's well-being, protecting it from any counter indication.

The processes of self hypnosis are designed to be powerful but not invasive suggestions: for this reason all the processes are deliberately explained before by Dr. Fancy in the audio, so that the client can accept the inductions also from the rational point of view.

Nothing is forced inside the processes: the hypnosis process itself is induced with an innovative method designed for the occasion by dr. Fantechi himself, and never used before.

This process allows the user to always maintain full control of himself, and yet simultaneously stimulate his brain in the direction he wants.

The only precautions to be taken for Miracle Mind 5 ® are the same precautions you take when doing meditation exercises: do not do them while driving or when active attention is required to avoid distraction.

 Does Miracle Mind 5 ® use subliminal "inaudible" messages?
Miracle Mind 5 ® does not use subliminal messages or secondary tracks in its audio for two reasons: one because these tracks would not be under the user's control, and instead we want the user to feel 100% safe in using inductions ;

Two because the effectiveness of these traces is very reduced if used in such short periods (33 days): therefore we prefer to use the "self-aware" hypnosis (where the user is alert and knows what is happening at any time) because you can get faster and more powerful results.

Note that inside the inductions are sometimes used techniques of sending "subliminal" messages, but they are linguistic and cognitive techniques that pass "under track" for the particular use of words and the context in which they are adopted, not because they are inserted inaudibly in the audio tracks.

For this you can be sure: what you hear in Miracle Mind 5 ® is all there is.

 Why is Miracle Mind 5 ® available at such a big discount?
For a limited period of time we have decided to push the spread of this product to enjoy the economies of scale that a company like can have, and still return the investments made.

At the end of this expansion phase or the offers with an expiry date it is possible that the price will return to its correct level.

 I have tried other similar programs in the past, but I did not get results. Why is Miracle Mind 5 ® different?
Miracle Mind 5 ®, unlike other programs, does not use simple visualizations, subliminal audio or NLP techniques, which are probably effective technologies that do not have the recognition of the entire scientific community.

Instead Miracle Mind 5 ® makes use of hypnosis: a powerful discipline, scientifically recognized even to the most orthodox scientific community, and thanks to which it is even possible to work on the heart without anesthesia as  well as using it as a support to different types of therapies.

Hypnosis, however, is a complex discipline that should be enjoyed only by experienced personnel (psychologists and psychotherapists who specialize in hypnosis), since there are several subtleties that make the difference and should be controlled during inductions, for this reason many hypnosis programs that are on the market are not very effective. But this is not the case with the program of dr. Fantechi.

For all these reasons Miracle Mind 5 ® is an extremely effective product. And yet, in any case, covered by a solid 30-day money back guarantee.

 Can I try the method and see if it works for me?
Of course: you can buy the program and follow it for the first 29 days, knowing that you can request a full refund by the 30th day of purchase.

 And if I have trouble visualizing?
Hypnosis also includes visualization techniques, but every human being tares in the right way for him during hypnosis.

It is not necessary to be a master of visualization, or to know how to see colors.

During a well-made hypnosis what you will see is what you will have to see, what you will feel will be what you will feel, and everything will be equally effective thanks to your unique and unrepeatable mental configuration.

Therefore Miracle Mind 5 ® is effective even if you think you have problems visualizing.

 I have read that DTI can be used without hypnosis, simply with NLP techniques. Why is Miracle Mind 5 ® much more powerful?
Since the introduction of the technique of the Deep Trance Identification (DTI), it has been revisited several times so that it can be distributed to the general public as easily as possible.

In its lighter version this methodology uses simple NLP techniques (neuro-linguistic programming, of which Dr. Fantechi is a Certified Trainer) to "suggest" the user to be more receptive in learning new skills.

However none of Raikov's original results has ever been replicated using only NLP: this is natural, as the unconscious part of the human being resists the change that starts from the rational part only: it would be a bit like wanting to learn to swim, but without water.

Hypnosis seems to be an essential tool for an effective DTI: however, given the complexity of performing hypnosis sessions of this type, this has always limited its diffusion.

For this Miracle Mind 5 ® therefore uses powerful (and innovative) self-hypnosis techniques to solve the problem, creating the right compromise between usability and power, and clearly overcoming the performance that you could achieve with the simple use of linguistic techniques or based on mere rational part.

In addition, Miracle Mind 5 ® contains a series of precautions, some of which are confidential, to amplify the effects of the DTI in a significant way.

Therefore inductions like "the man of February", techniques like "post hypnotic amnesia", but also the use of conscious repetition, the voluntary stimulation of selective attention and many others still serve to increase the power of suggestion and stimulate the placebo effect of the brain, so that the user can really experience an increase in sensations, even if not particularly predisposed to hypnosis.

 Is Miracle Mind 5 ® a therapeutic process?
Miracle Mind 5 ® is created by a therapist, however being a process that takes place from home without supervision cannot be considered a therapeutic process, but simply a process aimed at stimulating well-being and improving the cognitive-behavioral performance of those who use it .

It is not excluded that Miracle Mind 5 ® can help the person even in combining therapies of various types, however it has never been tested in this sense, therefore in those cases, only for those who wish to experience it, it is advisable to do so while remaining vigilant and in listening to oneself and under the supervision of a doctor or therapist, something that the process allows, as it is thought, to do.

Miracle Mind 5 ® is therefore designed for healthy people who want to improve their performance and increase their well-being.

 What do I need to properly use Miracle Mind 5 ®?
Miracle Mind 5 ® needs an MP3 player (a smartphone is even more suitable as it allows you to use the app for corporate users and watch videos), a pair of headphones, a printer, a sheet of paper, a pen, and a time of about 20 minutes a day to make the most of its power.

 How often will I have to use Miracle Mind 5 ® to get results?
Miracle Mind 5 ® is thought to be used for a period of 33 days about 20 minutes a day, plus some "prophylaxis" subsequent inductions.

 Is Miracle Mind 5 ® an audio course, a video course or whatever?
Miracle Mind 5 ® is not a course. Miracle Mind 5 ® is LIVING, you can't learn.

You don't have to learn Miracle Mind 5 ® to get results: you just need to put on your headphones, pay attention, follow the instructions and do the simple suggested exercises.

In this sense, Miracle Mind 5 ® is not an audio or video course: it is mainly a technology that, through a series of audio, "induces" those who use it have been empowered.

However, in the Miracle Mind 5 ® package are included video and audio parts where some parts are TEACHED because they are needed to get the best results.

 What do I get after the purchase? Is Miracle Mind 5 ® sent to me at home?
First of all it is good to understand that Miracle Mind 5 ® is a digital product that is NOT sent home, but is usable from a restricted area.

Depending on the time you make the order Miracle Mind 5 ® presents different materials and bonuses.

However, all customers access:

- explanatory videos (in digital format, accessible in the reserved area) that explain the bases and the development of the method, and the theoretical part

-  daily hypnotic inductions (in digital format, accessible in the restricted area): including the induction part and the day's instructions;

- the PDF manual (also in digital format, accessible in the reserved area, to be printed and brought with it) for a correct use of the exercises.

Note: all the materials are DOWNLOADED on your computer and are not protected by DRM (they can be used on all devices): however, they contain a digital signature with which it is possible to trace who the customer who has possibly spread can be. illicit content (therefore we advise you not to share your materials with anyone to avoid incurring legal sanctions).

Access for 30 days to the group reserved for customers where to ask questions to the staff of and receive answers approved by Dr. Fantechi;

Depending on the purchase period, additional bonuses are shown on the product presentation page (but are subject to purchase within a limited time).

Any technology updates are made available free of charge for one year.

100% SATISFIED OR REIMBURSED 30 DAYS: See next question.

 30 days money back guarantee: how does it work? Do you really repay?
We know that there are Internet companies that offer deceptive or refunded clauses: for example by making the refund available only for specific questions, only for those who have "actually used the product", and others of that kind.

In the case of the policy is different: if you want a full refund within 30 days of payment, just send an email and receive it (unless you have already requested one on within 12 months, as specified in the detailed policy). is very close to its reputation and has too many authors to protect to avoid giving a refund to a customer who for any reason decides to change his mind in 30 days.